Mission Statement

At our company, SilverFox Designs, our purpose is to create t-shirts and engraved items of your choosing to allow our customers to express themselves. We create custom designs and personalized items. By providing great customer service in a timely manner we are allowing the customer the ability to display their ideas to their friends and family. Once a customer decides on a design and material we strive to deliver it immediately. Timeliness is key when you combine it with a great product and great customer service, it makes a difference to the customer who is able to wear or display an item they assisted in creating. We provide a fast turnaround time without the normal fees others might charge. We stand behind our company with constant communication and teamwork to provide excellent customer service. We ensure that all within our company are adhering to core values. We don’t just speak of trust, integrity, service, and timeliness we live it on a day to day basis. We owe this to our customers and the community. We will always offer honest, customer oriented, quick service. We will always provide fair prices and we will never nickel and dime the customer.

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