About Us

SilverFox Designs is a veteran owned company that is dedicated to creating anything you can possibly imagine. We want you to be happy with your creation, be it a personalized tshirt or your favorite quote etched on a personal item. We range from woodworking to novelties and apparel. Customer service is very important to us. Your satisfaction will always be our number one priority!

What is it we do?

Create t-shirts and allow people to express themselves.

What do we create?

Apparel and novelty personalization

Why does it matter?

People are individuals that have their own ideas and personality that want to let shine through.

Who does it matter to?

The people that they are trying to connect with.

How does it make a difference?

It shows that although we are all different we have an idea and at some point we want people to “read” our individual thoughts.

How is our business different than our competitors?

We have a fast turn around time without the design fee that others might charge.

How could we improve upon other’s mission statements?

We should stand behind them and make sure all involved are adhering to our core values.

Which mission statements resonate with us?

The ones that speak of community and respect for their customers

What kind of description feels right for our business?

Honest, customer oriented, speedy service, not nickel and diming customers, fair prices.

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